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The Medical Institute for Rejuvenation & Aesthetics

True beauty lies in embracing your individuality and a natural confidence to reflect the essence of who you are.

The name MIRA is derived from the first letters of Dr Andrew Clark’s Medical Institute of Rejuvenation and Aesthetics. MIRA also means LOOK in Spanish. Allow MIRA Clinic to be your sincere and experienced guide to prepare your LOOK for our visually-driven society.

MIRA Clinic offers industry leading non-surgical cosmetic procedures to redefine your natural look subtly and cost effectively.

We present a combination of old world service backed with the best of science from the new world. Relax before you arrive, safe in the knowledge that there is ample off-street client parking behind the MIRA Clinic in Havelock Street West Perth.

MIRA Clinic resides in a historic federation building, freshly renovated with a gorgeous “old becomes new” theme by Carole and Russell Bramston from TV’s “House Rules”.

We welcome you in to the world of Mira Clinic and to discover your natural Look.

Our Expertise



Do you want your skin to reflect your youthful self? At Mira Clinic we are experts in helping you rejuvenate, enhance and maintain a natural look with non-invasive treatments. We utilise the latest advances in dermal fillers, muscle relaxant and wrinkle treatments where you can enhance your best features and maintain your fresh youthful appearance.


Eternal youthfulness is everyone’s desire and with Mira’s wide range of rejuvenating treatments we will help you maintain and restore your skins vitality and youthfulness beyond your years so that you glow on the outside as much as you do on the inside.


Age is inevitable and we understand the importance of looking and feeling your best self. At Mira Clinic we offer state of the art, non-surgical rejuvenating treatment that will address your fine lines and help replenish volume under the skin to restore youthful contours and minimise lines and wrinkles.

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Latest News

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  • Injectables: You’ve likely heard the term sometime in your life—and probably have associated it with a “frozen face” or some other misconception. Most people don’t realise how common they are, or understand how they work. What are Injectables? To put it simply, an injectable is......

  • Teenage years are always stressful for everyone. It’s hard to get past the fact that your mind and body are going through so many unwanted changes. These changes affect the skin a great deal. From acne breakouts to unwanted facial hair, teenagers have many obstacles......

  • Exposure to ultraviolet radiation is the number one cause of skin cancer. There are two kinds of UV radiation: Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B. Ultraviolet A UVA radiation passes through glass and can cause the skin to prematurely wrinkle and age. Research shows that UVA......

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