Dermal Fillers

Replace the volume lost by ageing


As early as age 20, our faces begin to very gradually lose volume. The hollowness of volume-loss allows gravity full the skin of the face forward and downward. This inevitably results in the folds and jowls that are the classic signs of aging.

Injectable Dermal Fillers at Mira Clinic are a popular facial rejuvenation treatment. By restoration of volume to specially targeted sites of the face it is possible to fill in hollows, folds and wrinkles, creating a fresher look that still appears natural.

There are many different dermal filler brands available in Australia. The choice of the specific brand of filler will depend on the individual factors of each client as well as the specific locations we wish to target.

We will write more about these factors and choosing dermal fillers in our blog (coming soon).

We believe it is best to discuss your needs in a face-to-face consultation when our practitioners can assess your facial anatomy and make tailored recommendations that are likely to help you achieve the best possible outcomes.


Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive.

Enhance your lips for just $400 with 1 full mL of quality dermal lip filler enhancement performed by one of Perth’s most experienced teams.

Usually priced at an already very reasonable $500, take advantage of these two special offers to receive your all inclusive lip treatment for just $400.

Step 1. Use the “Book Now” button on our Facebook page to get 10% off any treatment (yes, you still get 10% off even if you decide to have a different treatment).

Step 2. Visit this link and sign up to our mailing list to get a $50 voucher. The voucher is valid until the end of 2016 and can be used on any product or treatment, even if already discounted. There is a limit of one voucher per person.

Medical advertising rules prevent us from mentioning the lip filler brands by name, but you will be able to receive your choice out of two of the most popular lip fillers on the market after a full consultation and discussion of the options.

We are experienced in using many other brands including the new technology “deluxe” lip fillers. The “deluxe” filler brands normally cost $600 and will end up costing just $490 after online booking and registering for the $50 voucher.

The treatment can only go ahead after a consultation with our medical practitioner to assess medical suitability. This consultation is included in the quoted price and happens at the same time as your appointment.

Our consultations are offered with no-obligation to proceed to treatment. You can re-book for treatment on another day. There is no charge if you decide not to go ahead or if our medical practitioner decides that a treatment is not medically suitable. You can find a lot more information on our website:

Please comment or message to ask us any questions about the brands of lip fillers used or if you have any other questions.

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