Spotlight on: Spring Skin Cleaning with LED Rejuvenation Facial


Spotlight on: Spring Skin Cleaning with LED Rejuvenation Facial

With warm spring weather upon us and an abundance of flowers popping up all over Perth, there is no more appropriate time to help your skin bloom and rejuvenate with a therapy that age-defying celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian swear by: LED Therapy.

In actual fact, if you follow any celebrities on Instagram, chances are you’ve come across a picture of the breakthrough therapy because the reality is whilst skincare can help – it’s light therapy that can really overhaul the texture, clarity, and tone of skin without going down the invasive route.

So what exactly is LED Therapy?

LED, or (if you really want to get technical) light emitting diode therapy, is very popular when it comes to rejuvenating the skin and treating various skin conditions non-invasively, painlessly and most importantly -successfully. Our Australian-designed Xen LED light machine at MIRA Clinic offers state-of-the-art concentrated light therapy to our clients, maximising the effects of the treatment by halving treatment time and distributing uniform light for even more skin clarity and glow.

Michelle Marsh, one of the twins from TV’s Married At First Sight rejuvenating her appearance with the XEN LED at MIRA Clinic

Michelle Marsh, one of the twins from TV’s Married At First Sight rejuvenating her appearance with the XEN LED at MIRA Clinic

Does it really work?

The technology utilises a variety of clinically proven wavelengths of UV-free LED lights, all increasing blood flow to the face, toning and tightening leaving you looking youthful and fresh-faced. Each different wavelength targets a specific problem. For example, red is supposed to reduce pesky inflammation with the light passing deeply into the lower layers of your complexion, stimulating the naturally occurring regeneration and repair processes of the skin producing an overall improvement in clarity and texture. Whilst blue promises to banish blemish-causing bacteria and inflammation caused by breakouts, by purifying the upper surface layers of the skin. Both treat their respective problem areas without any side-effects, making it an effective treatment for all skin types, even those with hypersensitive skin conditions such as rosacea.


Ensure your skin looks just as gorgeous as the wildflowers at Kings Park with a visit to Mira Clinic!

But how safe is LED Therapy?

Since LED treatment doesn’t emit harmful radiation or heat like laser treatments or IPL, it’s extremely safe and there is no downtime. In fact, most of our patients at the clinic finding it a relaxing process, with some even falling asleep. Furthermore, with LED treatment, there’s no downtime like there is with laser treatment, meaning post-treatment you’re free to walk around town or go right back to work and no one will ever guess what you were doing just a few minutes before!

XEN LED Therapy at MIRA Clinic

Xen LED light treatments are available at our Perth MIRA Clinic for $110 each. A quick 15 minute application of light from the Xen machine is enough to help assist with any skin recovery process and is a very effective and rejuvenating boost to the skin. Ideal for pre-wedding prep, before a big event or even for a quick lunch time pick-me-up, It can also be used to speed up recovery time and reduce swelling after any dermal filler, thread or surgical treatment. If you wish to do everything possible to minimise downtime after your procedures it is a great idea to book a XEN LED session to follow on after your filler treatment.