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The MIRA Clinic Difference

The Medical Institute for Rejuvenation & Aesthetics

Evidence Based Treatments

Experienced Practitioners

Ethical Advice

Founded in 2016 by Dr Andrew Clark, the Medical Institute of Rejuvenation and Aesthetics is now much better known by its shortened name, MIRA Clinic.

MIRA Clinic is a doctor led, ethical cosmetic medicine clinic situated in West Perth and in Joondalup. We provide a large range of bespoke non-surgical treatments to help with your appearance and the health of your skin.

Dr Andrew Clark and his team at MIRA Clinic have won multiple industry awards and are regarded as some of Australia’s leading aesthetic medicine practitioners due to their emphasis on ethical practice together with their thorough understanding of the science behind each treatment on offer.

Dr Andrew Clark, is both a medical doctor and scientist with a PhD in Biochemistry and is regularly invited to speak at aesthetic medicine conferences worldwide. By preparing for and attending these conferences, Dr Clark remains up to date with the aesthetic medicine and skin care industries, which ensures MIRA Clinic offers a large range of gold standard non-surgical cosmetic treatment options for the majority of skin and appearance related concerns.

If you have any questions about treatments for your skin or appearance, our experienced team wants to learn about you and your concerns so that we can provide you with individualised advice and education to help you to make the right decisions about which treatments may be suitable for you.

Founded in 2016 by Dr Andrew Clark, the Medical Institute of Rejuvenation and Aesthetics is now much better known by its shortened name, MIRA Clinic.

Mira clinic’s founder and principal doctor, dr andrew clark demonstrating anatomy and safe injection techniques at the 2023 asaps non surgical symposium conference

Perth’s Educated Cosmetic Clinic

Our Expertise

Always improving

Always Improving

It doesn’t matter how much experience and training we have had, we continually strive to keep getting better. That’s why all MIRA Clinic staff regularly participate in regular training sessions with visiting experts and by attending seminars, conferences and workshops. As a regular speaker at Cosmetic medicine conferences Dr Clark shares the latest knowledge on best practice with his team.
Creating a safer industry

Creating a Safer Industry

Lets face it, the regulation of the Cosmetic Medicine industry could be much better than it is. Many practitioners get started injecting wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers after a weekend “introduction” course. In his role as the Treasurer of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine (ACAM), Dr Clark lobbies government to keep improving the regulation of the industry and teach safe and ethical practice of Aesthetic Medicine to its members.
Helping you to choose what’s best for you

Helping you to choose what’s best for you

If you are considering a cosmetic treatment, it shouldn’t be your responsibility to search the internet and social media to find out what might be the best treatment for you. Choose a clinic with professionals you can trust, who will listen to your concerns and give you balanced advice to help you achieve your goals.

Only trust your face with ethical professionals

Medical Services at MIRA Clinic

MIRA Clinic provides a large range of different treatments to improve the health and appearance of the skin, face and body. We are a Doctor led clinic so we have the ability to provide cosmetic treatments that require the use of prescription only (Schedule 4) medication. However, in compliance with safe and ethical medical practice, prescriptions can only be made after a thorough consultation, which includes a discussion with your MIRA Clinic practitioner on the motivations for treatment as well as an in depth discussion of all possible treatment options (including the option of not performing any treatment).Our focus is on performing treatments that help with appearance. Which means that our treatments are not eligible for medicare rebates and we are not able to perform the role of a general practitioner for our patients.

Important News on Advertising Cosmetic Injections

Previously we have displayed a lot of information about every type of non-surgical cosmetic medical treatment on this website. Our intention was for it to be helpful to the public and prospective patients by providing a fair a balanced report on what its like to have the treatment, what the potential benefits might be, as well as a discussion on the potential risks of those treatments. We used to also have on our website an outline what we believed to be the important steps that should be taken prior to having particular treatments and the important aftercare needed to get the most out of your non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Due to the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) updating its guidance on the advertising of cosmetic injectables, we have removed all information about cosmetic injectables that use prescription only medications from all of our publicly available channels including this website, our Instagram Page, Our Facebook page and our YouTube channel. If you see us injecting or discussing cosmetic injectables, it is because we are discussing a cosmetic injectable treatment that does not involve the use of a prescription only medication (such as the polynucleotide injections from Korea called Rejuran)

You can read a bit about the updated guidance from the TGA and what Dr Andrew thinks it means for consumers and the industry here.

Cosmetic medicine treatments that do not rely upon a prescription only medication in order to achieve their results are not affected by the TGA announcement, so we will continue to publish information about these treatments that we hope are educational in nature and help readers gain a realistic understanding of what it is like to have each treatment, and to portray in a realistic manner some of the likely results. Wherever possible we will supply scientific references to back up any claims being made.

When you come in for your consultation with us, we will provide a thorough assessment of your unique features and work with you to educate you about a bespoke range of possible treatment plans. When discussing these options, we will be able to answer any specific questions about any of the treatments that we provide – including a discussion of treatments requiring prescription-only medications that are not discussed on our website.

Our actual clients

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