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This treatment is available at: MIRA Clinic West Perth or MIRA Clinic Joondalup

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Every day, many of us try so hard to help our skin by applying products that contain ingredients designed to nourish, rehydrate and protect our skin. The skin is a natural barrier and it resists the absorption of most of the ingredients in our skin care products. We are literally washing money down the drain every single day when we wash our faces and remove the products we’ve applied.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could deliver the hydrating and nourishing ingredients found in our skin care products directly into our skin?


Hyaluronic acid (HA) is naturally present in the body and it plays a fundamental role in keeping the skin healthy by providing structure, hydration and anti-oxidant protection. It is also a key ingredient in most high-quality skin care products.

Our skin ages due to excess oxidants (free radicals)*and a progressive decline in intrinsic HA – this is where micro fillers come in. With age, we can lose up to 2/3 of our hyaluronic acid pool. By the age of 35, the skin’s thickness has decreased by about 22%. As it gets thinner, the skin becomes more fragile, dehydrates more easily and wrinkles start to form due to a loss of elasticity.

During a Micro Filler Beauty Booster treatment, a combination of hydrating and nourishing ingredients are delivered into the surface layers of the skin using tiny needles. The ingredients include antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and a hydrating gel. Due to the regulations governing advertising of medical and nursing treatments, we cannot list these ingredients on our website. However, the details of the ingredients will be discussed with you during your consultation.


Your practitioner will discuss treatment options for you during your consultation but here are a few guidelines on when you should use this treatment:

  • As a core treatment to prevent cutaneous ageing
  • In alternation with or as a complement to other treatments
  • When you need to rehydrate your skin and create a natural glow (for example, before/after prolonged sun exposure…)

To achieve optimal results, it is recommended that you follow the complete protocol to extend the effects of the treatment:

  • For Immediate & Cumulative Results: 3 sessions at 3-week intervals
  • For Maintenance: As soon as necessary or 1 session 3 times a year

The Micro Filler Beauty Booster treatment can either be performed 1ml at a time (to focus on one small area) or 3ml at a time for broader areas.

Pricing for a Beauty Booster treatment can be found on our pricing page.

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