Burn Fat & Build Muscle with Emsculpt

Burn Fat & Build Muscle with Emsculpt

Nothing beats leading a healthy lifestyle but there is another way to burn fat and build muscle that you might not know about.

When you decide to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you will benefit, regardless of what you’re trying to achieve. However, when physical transformation is your primary goal, it can be disappointing when, no matter how hard you try, you are not meeting your goals as quickly as you’d hoped for. Whilst it is natural to think of any new body sculpting technology as an “alternative” to hard work and a healthy diet, we have come to understand that the EmSculpt is an incredibly powerful supplement to your regime.

Emsculpt is a ​non-invasive body sculpting system. It is the first product of its kind in the world that simultaneously burns fat and builds muscle. This technology is what makes EmSculpt the treatment of choice for people wanting to improve their strength and increase their athletic performance. Are you suffering from a sore back? EmSculpt can help by strengthening your core muscles and in turn improving your posture.

MIRA Clinic founder, Dr. Andrew has a PhD in Muscle Biochemistry so based on his qualifications, research and experience, he is a fervent believer in the technology offered by the EmSculpt system.

What Makes EmSculpt Different to other non-invasive body sculpting treatments?

Even the best athletes in the world will plateau at one point or another. This is when your body no longer burns fat and builds muscle at the rate that it once did (or when you stay from the strict rules of your diet and exercise regimen).

Reaching this point can be frustrating when you’ve put in a lot of hard work. So, what are your options if you’re struggling to get rid of the last stubborn pockets of fat or want to see more muscle definition?

The non-invasive EmSculpt treatment is proving to be more powerful and effective than traditional laser and ultrasound systems as its unique magnetic technology builds muscle as well as burning nearby fat. Globally, international athletes and celebrities are using EmSculpt to help them improve their fitness levels in ways that are not possible with traditional exercise.

During a 30-minute abdominal EmSculpt session, the powerful magnet turning on and off over 30 times per second actually causes those muscles to clench and relax 20,000 times, this unprecedented level of muscle activity temporarily starves and micro-damages the muscle cells, leading to a unique recovery and repair process that causes the muscle to grow bigger and get stronger. Even though the system uses high-intensity electromagnetic pulses to force muscle contractions, there is no post treatment down time other than mild soreness similar to post exercise work out soreness.

What Muscle Groups Does it Treat?

Emsculpt The EmSculpt has different size applicators that can be swapped around for different muscle groups. The larger applicators of the EmSculpt machine are used on the abdomen, quadriceps, buttocks or hamstrings, while the smaller applicators can be used to treat your biceps, triceps, inner thighs or calves.

As the muscles use more energy due to the forced contractions, they request additional nutrients from the structures around them. This process lowers pH levels, which breaks down the fat cells in those areas. The contractions are what help give the muscles more definition.

Watch the below video to see how Dr Andrew uses the Emsculpt system: (https://www.instagram.com/p/B9oVRwzDFWu/)

Since offering the EmSculpt treatment in Perth, at MIRA Clinic we have helped countless patients achieve their fitness and aesthetic goals using this advanced electromagnetic technology. We have seen a very high proportion of clients come back and purchase treatment of additional different muscle groups which speaks volumes about the effectiveness of this treatment.

The fact that the Emsculpt system won several awards in 2019, including ​Body Reshaping Treatment of the Year ​and ​Innovative Treatment of the Year,​ also speaks to its effectiveness.

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