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Replace the volume lost by ageing


As early as age 20, our faces begin to very gradually lose volume. The hollowness of volume-loss allows gravity to pull the skin of the face forward and downward. This inevitably results in the folds and jowls that are the classic signs of aging.

Injectable Dermal Fillers at Mira Clinic are a popular facial rejuvenation treatment. By restoration of volume to specially targeted sites of the face it is possible to fill in hollows, folds and wrinkles, creating a fresher look that still appears natural.

There are many different dermal filler brands available in Australia. The choice of the specific brand of filler will depend on the individual factors of each client as well as the specific locations we wish to target.

We will write more about these factors and choosing dermal fillers in our blog (coming soon).

We believe it is best to discuss your needs in a face-to-face consultation when our practitioners can assess your facial anatomy and make tailored recommendations that are likely to help you achieve the best possible outcomes.


All of the injecting staff at MIRA Clinic have extensive experience using every brand of dermal filler currently available in Australia. Each type of dermal filler has slightly different properties in terms of the firmness, elasticity and longevity. This makes the different brands more suitable for treatment of certain areas using certain techniques. The brand of dermal filler is best selected with the guidance of our practitioners to help you tailor your results for your unique features and your desired outcomes.

We offer half syringes (0.5 mL) for most types of filler which can be a good option of you want a very subtle result or if you wish to add a small amount to an existing result. In many cases a half syringe will be so subtle that there is a risk that not much difference will be noticed. It is not necessary to decide at the outset how many syringes you would like to have. Its often preferable to achieve your dermal filler results gradually by doing multiple treatments over an extended period of time.

Medical advertising rules prevent us from mentioning the filler brands by name, but you will be able to receive your choice out of the extensive range that we stock after consulting with us where we will discuss the options and the pros and cons of the many choices.

We are experienced in using many brands including the new technology “deluxe” fillers. The “deluxe” filler brands cost $600 per 1mL syringe. Our “Standard” brands of dermal filler include two of the most popular brands and cost $500 per 1 mL syringe.

We are also very experienced using brands of dermal fillers that have additional collagen stimulating properties. The collagen stimulation of these products helps to improve skin texture, firmness and elasticity and they generally last much longer than the “standard” and “deluxe” dermal filler brands. The collagen stimulating dermal fillers are only suitable for certain areas such as the cheeks, temples and chins. We do not recommend these types of fillers for lips or under eye areas or to fill fine lines.

Treatment with dermal fillers can only go ahead after a consultation with our medical practitioner to assess medical suitability. This consultation is included in the quoted price and happens at the same time as your appointment.

Our consultations are offered with no-obligation to proceed to treatment. You can re-book for treatment on another day. There is no additional charge, just the consultation fee, if you decide not to go ahead or if our medical practitioner decides that a treatment is not medically suitable.

Please contact us via this website, call us or send us a Facebook message to ask us any questions about the brands of fillers used or if you have any other questions.

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