Progress Report on Double Chin Dissolving Injections

double chin - fat dissolving injections

Progress Report on Double Chin Dissolving Injections

There is a new double chin treatment that everyone is talking about. Dr Andrew was one of the first Doctors in Australia to be trained in the technique. Now that we have been doing the treatment for over 4 months we thought it would be a good chance to report back on how our clients have been going.

Our client (pictured) was super excited to see a noticeable result just 5 weeks after her first treatment. We felt that there was still some room for improvement so our client has gone ahead with a second treatment.

How much does it cost?

Each treatment requires the use of 2 bottles (vials) each bottle has 2mL of medicine in it. The all-inclusive price for the consultation, treatment injections, followup and all materials is $1400 per treatment.

Nearly everyone needs at least 2 treatments of two vials each. Right now, we have a special price, where if you pay for the two treatments up front, then it’s $2400 for both treatments (4 x 2mL). 

What does it feel like to have double chin treatment?

We have done 20 treatments so far and the following is a summary of what our clients are reporting back to us…

Immediately after the injection it starts breaking apart the fat cells and the area feels hot, this hot feeling is uncomfortable but it can be helped with a couple of minutes of holding ice to the area.

Clients report that this hot feeling subsides within a few minutes. Once the hot feeling subsides, clients say they can feel the fullness under their chin but otherwise, there is little to no pain.

We offer a range of options for making the injections more comfortable such as using ice or injecting local anaesthetic before the procedure. However, most of our clients tell us they find the injections are easy enough to tolerate without using local anaesthetic.

How bad is the swelling and the downtime?

The area that is injected then becomes very swollen over the next couple of hours, but clients don’t report much soreness and are able to do usual activities (although we recommend not to do vigorous exercise for a couple of days). The swelling is normal and is a sign of the treatment working, to be honest, it looks huge, like a goitre! It seems like the bigger the swelling – the better the result that clients finally report.

Within 24 hours the area starts to reduce in size. By the third day, the area will still look larger than pre-treatment size, but most clients reckon by this stage their colleagues don’t notice anything.

Over the next 4 to 6 weeks the area stays slightly bigger than pre-treatment, and the area can be a little tender (sore when rubbed or pressed, but not painful and pain-killers have not been required by any of our clients). The area can also become firm and feel a bit lumpy, but this subsides. The skin over the area can also feel a bit numb for a couple of weeks after the injections.

By 6 weeks everything seems to be back to normal, and some clients can see a modest reduction in the double chin, but most clients will need another treatment. Clients with larger double chins to start with, are expected to need more than two treatments. 

All of our clients who have had more than one treatment report back that the discomfort, the swelling and the numbness is much less the second and third times around.

How much do the treatments cost after the first two treatments?

If you bought the first two treatments from us, we charge $1200 (for two vials) for the third and subsequent treatments.

We are a 100% cosmetic clinic and do not offer medicare services. We are not aware of any other clinics offering this service with medicare rebates.

We’ve made the price as affordable as we can, but due to the high cost of obtaining this medicine from the manufacturer, we don’t think it will be possible to get this price any lower (unless someone is using bootleg product or lying about the dose).

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