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Double Chin Treatment


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Mira Clinic’s Dr Andrew Clark On Double Chin Treatments

This revolutionary treatment offers a long lasting solution (scientific studies have shown at least 4 years) for reducing double chin fat. The treatment is office based and involves a series of injections that takes less than a few minutes to complete. I am proud to be one of the first doctors in Australia trained to perform the new double chin removal treatment.

Although, the product has only recently launched in Australia (after approval by the Therapeutic Goods Administration) the staff at MIRA Clinic have been doing this treatment since February 2017. MIRA Clinic prides itself on bringing the best non-surgical cosmetic treatments to clients at reasonable prices. The treatment has already been hugely successful in the United States and the interest in Australia is already massive.

MBBS(Hons) BMedSci PhD

Some kind words from our patients

Dr Andrew Clark and his team are awesome, I love how friendly and welcoming everyone is. I get my lips done there and get compliments all the time about my skin!! Thanks for looking after me x

Sharon Marsh, from channel 7’s married at first sight

The Procedure

The fat dissolving injections that we are using is a prescription only medication based on a naturally occurring molecule similar to molecules made in the bile that the body uses to help with dietary fat breakdown and absorption. When this medication is carefully injected into the correct locations under the chin (using the doses and protocols that have been tested in clinical trials) the fat cells in these locations are damaged in such a way that they breakdown and are unable to grow back. There is a period of swelling and tenderness while the body’s immune cells take away the damaged fat and repair the area.

A minimum of two separate treatments are required (up to a maximum of 6 total treatments) approximately 6 weeks apart from each other. Visible results can be seen after 2 to 4 treatments. More treatments are likely to help achieve better results. Patients with more fat will probably need more treatments. Results are maintained for at least 4 years. At your initial MIRA clinic consultation there is no obligation to proceed with any treatment.

How it works

An area is selected for fat removal

Fat area before treatment

Injection is inserted into fat area

fat-disolving solution is released into the fat cells

The solution eats away at fat cells

Since there are fewer fat cells and the skin shrinks

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