Dr. Andrew Explains Why You Need to Download the COVID Safe App

Dr. Andrew Explains Why You Need to Download the COVID Safe App

Hi guys it’s Dr Andrew from MIRA Clinic.

Isn’t it great seeing another day with 0 new COVID-19 infections in WA today? Our Health Services have done a fantastic job by tracing testing & isolating all known COVID-19 cases and their contacts. It is admirable how our hospitals have cared for and helped sufferers and managed to do so in a manner that has contained the spread of COVID-19.

A huge part of the success in WA is because of our social distancing measures. These have meant that the disease hasn’t had a chance to spread to too many more people within the time it takes to do the contact tracing and then initiate quarantine and testing.

Hopefully as WA’s infection numbers are now so low we won’t have to worry about any future outbreaks. But it only takes one “Covidiot” to break quarantine and start an outbreak.

When our social distancing rules are relaxed in the future, this will create extra interactions & potential opportunities for disease transmission, and this will make it harder for us to fully contain any future outbreaks. If we are all using the government’s COVID Safe app, then as a society we will be much better able to test potential contacts and quickly contain any future outbreaks before they get out of hand.

The PM made it clear that the nature and extent of the relaxations will be closely tied to the number of COVID Safe app downloads that occur this week. Even if you are not convinced that the app will be that useful, don’t you think its worth downloading the app just to help convince our politicians to ease the restrictions and get our economy going?

Everyone reading this will already have Instagram, Google or Facebook on their phone. All three of these apps share your data to those companies about everything you look at online & everywhere you go in the real world. Those companies are already using all of that information however they want, & we put up with it because those companies give us fast, easy access to digital content.

So let’s all download this one app so we can get a little closer to our normal way of life & help our economy get back on track.

Please feel free to share this video and forward this email to your friends and family so we can help our state and get even more people downloading the COVID Safe app.

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