Jaw enhancement

This treatment is available at: MIRA Clinic West Perth or MIRA Clinic Joondalup

Jaw enhancement with dermal filler injections is a quick, and non-invasive way to improve the way your jowls and jawline look. If you think that your jawline is uneven, has noticeable sagging, or needs definition, you may want to consider having jaw enhancement treatment.

There are three different types of fillers available:

  • Temporary.
  • Long lasting.
  • Plastic.

The most popular fillers are the temporary ones as the effects are short-term and easily reversed. Unfortunately, the only way to modifying plastic fillers is through surgery which is why most patients choose temporary or long lasting fillers.

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What’s involved with the procedure?

Jaw enhancement treatment involves tiny amounts of dermal filler material that are inserted into different areas on the jawline. The method alters the shape of the jawline by adding volume to the skin. The body slowly soaks up the injected substance, and the jaw reverts to its pre-jaw enhancement look. The process results in a jawline that appears more defined. Dermal filler injections can help fatten loose skin that hangs off of the jawline, leaving you with a youthful looking jaw.

The whole procedure takes approximately half an hour.

After the session, patients can leave our clinic right afterwards and go back to their regular activities. There is no recovery time or bandages required. However, patients should refrain from touching or rubbing the treated area for at least two weeks.

Many of our patients here at Mira Clinic come back for repeat sessions to maintain their rejuvenated looking jawline.

Are there any risks involved?

Minimal redness and swelling around the injection areas are normal. These side effects can easily be covered up with concealer and should disappear in three to four days.

This treatment has a low risk of complications when compared to invasive surgical procedures. Yet, there are some risks involved, including bleeding and infection. Although rare, one complication is that the injected substance can clump together below the skin. Most of the time, these clumps can be rubbed out by massaging the area. In most situations, where clumps form, the body naturally dissolves the solution, and the clumps eventually smooth out.

Who is a candidate?

Jaw enhancement may be right for you if you feel like you have a weak jawline, or if you can see signs of ageing in the jaw area. Most candidates are women who want a more feminine looking jawline or men who desire a chiselled jaw. Jaw enhancement injections are popular among patients looking for a minimally invasive way to alter the shape of the jaw area.

Treatment can be administered to most adults who are in good health and who are at or close to their ideal weight. Enhanced jaw treatment can achieve a natural but noticeable change in the shape of your jaw area, but it is important for patients to have realistic goals.

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