Laser Tattoo Removal at MIRA Clinic West Perth.

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Laser Tattoo Removal at MIRA Clinic West Perth.

Did you know that most lasers struggle to fade inks that are green, blue or purple in colour? Not the Enlighten 3 laser at MIRA Clinic West Perth.

The progress image is after 7 treatments and shows most of the tattoo ink has been faded. It took another 2 treatments (9 treatments in total) to successfully remove virtually all evidence of this rose tattoo for our client. She couldn’t be happier with the result 😁. 

Ltr before img - mira clinic - 3

Before treatments begun

Ltr after img7 - mira clinic - 5

After 7 treatments

Ltr after img9 - mira clinic - 7

After 9 treatments

Our Enlighten 3 laser is manufactured in California by the prestigious medical laser company Cutera, and it has 3 wavelengths to choose from when treating tattoos. The benefit of having these 3 options means that we can select the wavelength that is best suited to the different colours of tattoo ink that we encounter. 

For this tattoo removal treatment, we used two of the wavelengths. One of which is better suited to removing greens, blues and purples while the other is better suited to black ink. The third wavelength, that we didn’t use in this case, is for red and orange ink. 

Sometimes after treating tattoos the ink will have disappeared but the skin still looks red. This redness is not from red ink, it’s from increased blood vessels that have reacted to the tattooing process and the tattoo removal process.

To treat the redness we use another one of our lasers, the Excel V laser, (post treatment) to help rejuvenate the skin and remove any remaining redness. Which is what we did for the final treatment for this client.

Laser Tattoo removal is only available at MIRA Clinic West Perth. This particular tattoo is less than 2cm by 2cm in size so to treat a very small tattoo like this one costs $160 per treatment. For larger tattoos, you can get an idea of pricing using the information on our website, or you can send us a photo and ask for an estimate.

If you have any questions about laser tattoo removal you can contact us here. Or if you’d like to make a booking you can do so here.

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