LED Light Therapy

This treatment is available at: MIRA Clinic West Perth or MIRA Clinic Joondalup

Xen LED light facial rejuvenation

LED light technology is very popular when it comes to rejuvenating the skin and treating various skin conditions non-invasively and painlessly. Our Australian-designed Xen LED light machine at MIRA Clinic offers state-of-the-art concentrated light therapy to our clients, maximising the effects of the treatment by halving treatment time and distributing even light.

Xen LED light technology

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, which simply means that specific light wavelengths are conducted through an array of closely packed bright electronic lights. This machine is set above your face and neck to deliver very bright light to treat different skin conditions as well as rejuvenate the skin. The MIRA Clinic Xen LED light machine offers blue, red or infrared lights. Our therapist will select the best wavelength to address your specific concerns.

LED light therapy works by stimulating the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cells which produce energy) in the skin. This helps to improve the skin’s metabolism, and by reducing oxygen free radicals that can cause aging and it also speeds up the healing process.

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Led light therapy in mira clinic perth
Ashleigh Jade using the blue light to help stop acne breakouts

The benefits of LED light facial treatments

LED light phototherapy is completely non-invasive and does not use thermal energy. As it does not heat up the skin or damage it in anyway, there is no downtime involved.

Instead, it uses a steady stream of controlled light wavelength to treat skin conditions such as aging, eczema, rosacea, fine lines, wrinkles, lack of hydration, or acne, as well improving skin quality. The Xen LED machine can be set to a specific wavelength and colours to target different depths of the dermis and assist with these varied skin concerns.

Red is suitable for all skin types and helps to rejuvenate the skin, increasing collagen production, accelerating healing, and increasing blood flow. Blue inhibits the bacteria responsible for acne, therefore helping to reduce it. Whilst infrared LED light therapy penetrates the skin deeply, helping to tighten and tone whilst reducing inflammation.

The Xen LED light facial treatments are also very effective as a partnering post-treatment with any of our other services in order to calm the skin and/or rejuvenate it.

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Xen LED light therapy at Perth’s MIRA Clinic

The aesthetic market offers a number of different LED light machines. At MIRA Clinic we have chosen the Xen LED light machine due to the “Chip On Board” technology available. This technology allows the Xen machine to produce twice the light output than the most common machine on the market.

Xen LED light treatments are available at our Perth MIRA Clinic for $110 each. A quick 15 minute application of light from the Xen machine is enough to help assist with any skin recovery process and is a very effective and rejuvenating boost to the skin. It is ideal to speed up recovery time and reduce swelling after any dermal filler, thread or surgical treatment.

Before LED light therapy we will ensure that your face is cleansed and make-up free. You will be given special covers for your eyes to protect them from the bright light, and then you may lay back and enjoy some quiet time.

Consider adding on a Xen LED light session following any wrinkle relaxer, dermal filler, laser treatment, or thread lift treatment. However, for those looking to solely use LED light therapy as a treatment to rejuvenate the skin, we recommend a series of 8 treatments repeated once or twice weekly.

It is our goal to ensure that our clients are 100% comfortable and have a sound understanding of our treatments before proceeding. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and talk you through the process.

Our skilled team has performed over 25,000+ treatments, operating above the safest and highest of industry standards. For authentic advice and genuine results, contact Perth’s MIRA Clinic today.

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