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Nip-tuck no-go for teens

Sunday, December 4, 2016
Page 16 | Perth Now Newspaper

Read Dr Andrew Clark’s interview with Perth Now, where he discusses the rise in popularity of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and how changing norms have made the industry more accessible to more women across a greater age bracket.

So “how young is too young” to begin treatments? Dr Clark answers that “everyone has different genetics, everyone has a different history looking after their skin. So people can have a very young age, numerically, but their skin can look older.” Whilst teenagers are too young to begin such treatments, Dr Clark has seen a steady rise in WA women in their 20s seeking to protect or improve their appearance.

26 year old fashion and beauty blogger, Katerina Derik, is one such woman. Click below to read the full article, and hear about Katerina’s experience with injectables at MIRA Clinic.

A hydration treatment like no other

August—October 2017
Issue 77, Page 72 | CosBeauty Magazine

“In my experience, there is no easier way to restore the luminance and texture of the skin.” Read Dr Clark’s interview discussing the Beauty Booster treatment, a procedure involving micro-injections of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, stimulating collagen production, regenerating and nourishing the skin.

Love Your Work

Sunday, July 16, 2017
Page 44 | The Sunday Times

Read Dr Clark talk about the increasing demand for non-surgical procedures, how the industry has achieved more natural looking results over the years, and see the “Fresh Face Tool Kit” he recommends for his patients to maintain their looks. Hear from House Rules runner up, and MIRA Clinic client, Carole Bramston.

Lasting, collagen stimulating filler

Winter 2017
Issue 10, Page 104 | Aesthetic Medical Practitioner Magazine

This article is about a new generation biostimulating product, which offers deep tissue filling to overall volume replacement – providing the instant gratification of a filler but with longer term outcomes. Dr Clark uses this treatment in combination with a range of others, commonly to volumise the face.

Collagen stimulating filler results

Volume 9, Page 2 | The Asian Aesthetic Guide

Our very own Dr Clark’s results were featured in The Asian Aesthetic Guide 2015. See the image of our client before and after 1ml per side of the long-lasting collagen stimulating dermal filler treatment.

Carole’s Reno

November 2017
Woman’s Day Australia

Read about Reality TV Star Carole Bramston’s non-surgical makeover at MIRA Clinic, including a thread lift, fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, and how it has given her a new lease on life.

Double Chin Treatment

Channel 7 | Today Tonight

Watch Today Tonight feature Carole Bramston’s MIRA Clinic experience with double chin dissolving injections. “For the first time we can get dramatic results under the chin and jawline without surgery”, says Dr Clark.