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Mira Clinic’s Dr Andrew Clark on Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are meant to last forever, but sometimes it would be good if they didn’t! Whether you wish to erase a mistake or fade a tattoo to make way for better artwork, laser tattoo reduction may be the solution you are looking for.

At MIRA Clinic we have a medical class Laser called the “Enlighten 3”. The laser sends a very short powerful beam of laser light through your skin and into your tattoo which causes the ink particles in the tattoo to be broken up into smaller particles. Each Laser pulse works on a few millimetres of your tattoo, so multiple pulses are needed to cover your tattoo. When the ink particles become small enough, cells in your body called macrophages are able to swallow the particles and these are slowly transported and excreted through your lymphatic system.

MBBS(Hons) BMedSci PhD

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Some kind words from our patients

Dr Andrew Clark and his team are awesome, I love how friendly and welcoming everyone is. I get my lips done there and get compliments all the time about my skin!! Thanks for looking after me x

Sharon Marsh, from channel 7’s married at first sight

The Procedure

At your first consultation, we undertake to give you the best advice that we can based upon our extensive experience using this equipment. At the consultation, you will learn more about the treatment process and the expected outcomes. If you decide to go ahead with treatment it is usually possible to do so during the same appointment as the consultation.

Improvement may not be seen in the tattoo or lesion for up to six weeks after a treatment. These Laser treatments should normally be repeated at six-week intervals. Continued improvement can occur for several months after treatment. This particular Laser is effective on nearly all pigment colours including black, red, yellow, blue, green and purple. Multiple treatments are generally required for maximum fading or clearing depending on the amount of pigment, depth of pigment and other factors.

How it works


Laser is set to target ink particles

Laser breaks down chromophores

As laser intensity increases, ink decreases

The body absorbs chromophores

The tattoo’s visbility is greatly decreased