Prevention better than a cure?

Prevention better than a cure? Michelle and Sharon from Channel 7’s Married at First Sight follow Dr Clark’s treatment plan and see amazing results.

Am I too young for wrinkle relaxers? Is it too early to start tackling my pigmentation? Am I too young for cosmetic treatments?

These are all too common questions we get asked by many of our clients in their 20s and 30s at MIRA Clinic.

Michelle and Sharon from Channel Seven’s hit show, Married at First Sight, are valued clients of MIRA Clinic who began visiting Dr. Clark six months ago. Both in their early thirties, Michelle and Sharon booked in to see Dr. Clark with a desire to protect their youthful looks, firmly believing in the ethos that prevention is better than cure.

There is a common misconception that cosmetic procedures are only for those of a certain age, people who are already well underway in the ageing process. However Michelle and Sharon represent a new trend that sees a younger demographic acting earlier to prevent problems before they happen (or get too far along!).

Michelle and Sharon decided to seek treatment not because they wanted to look younger, but as high profile individuals who are often subject to the many pressures of the public eye, they simply wanted to look healthy, less tired and fresher. They also wanted natural, but long lasting, results.

Over the past six months these two beautiful ladies have undergone a variety of procedures, all non-invasive, including:

  • Cheek dermal filler with long lasting collagen stimulating dermal filler ($1500 for 2mL)
  • under eye dermal filler ($600 for 1mL)
  • LED light ($200 for pack of 4 treatments)
  • Hydrafacial ($150 per session)
  • Enlighten Laser (for freckle lightening, also called pigment reduction) ($500 for one session)
  • Wrinkle relaxers ($170 for 1 area, $320 for 2 areas)

And the results speak for themselves as you can see below in the before and after images.

You can book a free consultation with Dr Andrew, Registered Nurse Tracy or Registered Nurse Tiffany today by calling or emailing the clinic or by using our online booking service.

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