Wrinkle Relaxers

Relax the muscles that cause harsh expression lines

This treatment is available at: MIRA Clinic West Perth or MIRA Clinic Joondalup

Important News!

We have had to change the information on this web page due to recent changes in the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA’s) expectations on how these types of treatments are advertised.

If you are an existing patient of MIRA Clinic

You will already have a comprehensive treatment plan in place with us, and as such, you are welcome to book in for further wrinkle relaxing injections by clicking here for an appointment in West Perth or here for an appointment in Joondalup.

At your appointment we will re-evaluate you and your health and ensure a continuation of your treatment plan is appropriate before proceeding.

If you have had Wrinkle Relaxer injections before – but not with MIRA Clinic

If you are new to our clinic, and you’ve had wrinkle relaxing injections before, you need to book in with us for a “consultation to discuss wrinkle treatments”, during which our prescribing doctor or nurse practitioner will assess your suitability for the treatment and educate you on the potential risks and benefits of the treatment (as we have always done). We will also discuss other treatment options that may help you with your wrinkles that don’t require the use of prescription only medication.

Unless you have a very complex request or if you have an unusually large number of questions, there is usually sufficient time to proceed to at least one type of treatment at the same appointment if a treatment is recommended by your health care practitioner during your consultation.

If you are new to wrinkle relaxer of treatments

There are many effective treatments for wrinkles and not all of these require the use of a prescription medication. When you book in with us for a “consultation to discuss wrinkles” [add links to book in West Perth and Joondalup], our prescribing doctor or nurse practitioner will assess your suitability for a range of different treatment options and educate you on the potential risks and benefits of the various treatment options (as we have always done). Depending on the treatment recommended, it is usually possible to proceed to treatment on the day if appropriate.

Again, nothing much has changed except that we can’t tell you more details about the treatments that use prescription only medication on our publicly visible website and social media (because doing so may be considered by the TGA to be “advertising” of the prescription only medications that are used in these types of treatments).

Why choose Perth’s MIRA Clinic?

Our individual treatment plans are developed for each client based on a detailed assessment that occurs during your consultation with us. Our recommendations may or may not involve a prescription, and will sometimes include a recommendation of no treatment at all. If you do decide to proceed with a treatment with us, you will receive information on the treatment, any dosage required, and all relevant aftercare instructions so you can feel well informaed and make the most of your treatment. We prefer our clients to look refreshed and not “done” and which is why we recommend treatment plans that are designed to result healthier looking skin.

It is our goal to ensure that our clients comfortable and have a sound understanding of our treatments before proceeding. We will answer any questions you may have and talk you through the process.

For authentic advice and genuine results, contact Perth’s appearance experts at MIRA Clinic.

Advertising Guidelines for Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

Due to the new guidance from the TGA, we have removed all of the educational content on this page about these types of injections. Even if the information is (considered by the publisher to be) balanced, educational and not aimed to induce, the TGA is concerned that such information may be inherently biased and therefore be considered “advertising” of the prescription medications necessary to perform this type of treatment (and therefore against the law).

We wish to state that this is a treatment that we do perform, but we only do so on patients who have had a thorough consultation with us after discussing with us all of the risks, potential benefits and other available options. Only patients who we have assessed as being an appropriate candidate for this procedure will receive a prescription from us and therefore be eligible to receive the treatment with us.

If you are frustrated that you are not able to discover the information you were searching for on our website, please be reminded that we have no choice but to comply with regulations set by the Australian government designed to protect the safety of the public. We follow these rules as a part of our commitment to safe and sensible health care provision as registered health care practitioners.

You are very welcome to attend for a no-obligation, no stress consultation to discuss all of the possible treatment options, and we can answer all of your questions in detail and make sure our answers are tailored for your unique circumstances and facial features.


Getting your wrinkle relaxer treatments

What is a Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment?

“Wrinkle Relaxer” treatments necessarily use one of 4 brands of prescription-only medications that are injected into muscles that can cause wrinkles. Australian Law1 prevents us from advertising a service to you “that may result in the use or supply of a prescription only medication”.

“Wrinkle Relaxers” is one of the terms, prior to March 2024, that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) suggested that cosmetic clinics could use to advertise the service of injecting these medications without advertising any of the actual medications used.

The TGA has recently (March 2024) advised that promoting the potential benefits of wrinkle relaxing injections are likely to promote the use of the prescription only medications required to perform these treatments, and clinics that offer these services are no longer allowed to promote these services.

No-Obligation Consultations

During these consultations we will medically assess you and your facial features to help us to develop a treatment plan which may or may not lead to the provision of a prescription. For any treatment plan that we recommend we will describe the processes and expected outcomes, and the possible side-effects of any of the treatments that we recommend in order to give you every opportunity to consider the potential treatments before proceeding.

If there is a medical reason for you not to have the wrinkle relaxing treatment or if you decide not to go ahead with treatment, then no treatment will be performed and the only payment due is the consultation fee.

If it is decided that the treatment is medically appropriate, and there is sufficient appointment time remaining, you will have the option of proceeding with your treatment at the time of your appointment or of coming back another day to do it. We do not recoup the cost of consultations with any hidden or extra charges in the future.

We offer these consultations with no-obligation to proceed to treatment and no obligation to purchase any other product or service from us in the future.

Who shouldn’t have wrinkle relaxing treatments?

Generally speaking, these treatments are not appropriate if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have certain neurological conditions or some other rare diseases. If you are very unwell or are being investigated for potentially significant health problems, we recommend that you delay your visit to us until you are better or your treating doctor gives you an “all clear” to proceed with cosmetic treatments. These are elective treatments for appearance that require the use of prescription only medication and we do not offer any of these treatments to persons under the age of 18 years. We mention these guidelines so that we can save you an unnecessary trip to come in for a consultation. We are unable to offer consultations over the phone or via social media. The final decision on whether or not these treatments can be performed are at the complete discretion of the clinic and the doctor or prescribing nurse practitioner made during your consultation with us.

Treatment “Areas”

There are three main “areas” of expression lines on the upper face that commonly form wrinkles. They are the “crowsfeet” (treatment of both sets of crowfeet next to both eyes on both sides of the face which is counted as “one area”); the “horizontal forehead lines” is another “area”; and the “glabellar” is another area (the vertical lines that appear between the eyebrows when frowning). During your consultation we will discuss with you the various types of treatments that we offer that we believe may be appropriate for your unique needs and concerns, including both treatments that may and may not require a prescription to be written.

During your consultation we will also discuss with you the pros and cons of treating each area as they relate to your particular features and your appearance goals.

Pricing and Dose

Our prices for wrinkle relaxing injections cannot be published publicly, because the Australian Therapuetic Goods Administration has indicated in their guidelines that to do so is considered “advertising” of the medication that are used if these treatments are performed.

There are four different wrinkle relaxer brands that are listed with the TGA and are therefore allowed to be used in Australia. We have experience using, and keep in stock, three of these brands. Prices quoted will depend on which brand of wrinkle relaxer that you select and how much of the medication is required to perform the treatment.

We use our experience and our personalised consultation with you to recommend a dose that will give you what we expect to be the best possible result for the areas that you decide to have treated. Remember, getting a bigger dose is not necessarily better. A dose that is too big can increase the risk of side effects.

Included in the price of your treatment is the opportunity to return between 10 and 21 days from your treatment for complimentary review of your results. If necessary, an extra dose may be administered, at no charge, at the discretion of the clinic and the doctor. We limit the extra dose to a maximum of 10% of the initial dose. If this extra dose is necessary, we keep a record of it, and at your next visit (when the first treatment is wearing off and it is time for another treatment) we can treat you with this larger dose (i.e. the sum of your initial dose plus your “top up” dose) which in most cases reduces the need for subsequent “top up” doses.

Which brand of wrinkle relaxer does MIRA Clinic use?

At MIRA Clinic we regularly use three different brands of wrinkle relaxer medication that are registered for use in Australia. They are the three brands that were the first to be listed

Laws for advertising of medical and nursing services and for advertising of prescription-only medication mean that we can’t mention wrinkle relaxing medication brand names in our website or our social media posts (and we can’t use any kind of abbreviation or ingredient name that could help specify the medication name). This is why we haven’t mentioned anything about medication brands on our website. We also can’t advertise any of the potential benefits of these medications. The decision on whether to have these treatments should be made during a consultation with a prescribing health practitioner not on the basis of what you read online.

Yes, but what do you charge “per unit”?

The three brands of wrinkle relaxing medications use different types of units and

What if I book online for a service but decide not to go ahead with treatment and to come back on another day?

You should not feel pressured into having any cosmetic or medical treatment. If you decide not to go ahead with treatment on the day, or you’d rather schedule your treatment for some time in the future, you can rebook a time for your treatment while you are in our clinic or later on, using the online booking service via our website or by calling the clinic.

Realistic outcomes

We are in this business for the long term. We wish to earn your trust and loyalty through every aspect of how we do business with you. We do not want to get a short term boost in sales by over-promising what is possible through our treatments. During your consultation we will explain how the treatments work and the normal results that we expect.

Why are your prices so cheap?

As explained above, we buy large amounts of these medications and therefore get access to special pricing that we pass on to our clients. We believe by being efficient with our business systems and treating large numbers of clients we can be profitable at prices that are below the average price of the industry. We do not skimp on the units that we provide to our clients – it is our genuine intention for every client to get the best possible result. We are also mindful that giving too many units of wrinkle relaxer medication increases the chances of problems – and we do our best and use our experience to minimise over-treatment.

What about using wrinkle relaxing injections to treat medical conditions?

The same medication used for wrinkle relaxing medications can be used for a variety of medical purposes such as reducing sweating, reducing headaches or reducing scars. We do not offer any medicare rebates, we do not assess or advise on the treatment of any non-cosmetic conditions. Health fund rebates are usually not available for any of our treatments. We insist that you seek the opinion of your General Practitioner (or a specialist as advised by your General Practitioner) for the assessment and treatment of any non-cosmetic medical condition.

Advertising of medical and nursing services

The legislation for advertising medical and nursing services prohibits the use of special pricing to encourage unnecessary or indiscriminate use of medical or nursing services. The law also prohibits advertising of gifts, discounts or inducements to attract a user of the health service without stating the terms and the conditions of the offer.

We encourage our prospective patients to do their research and to visit multiple clinics for several opinions before proceeding with any cosmetic medical treatment and don’t allow anyone to make you feel rushed into making a decision on any of these types of treatments. None of our services are “surgical” or “invasive” (as defined by the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law) and therefore we are not required to make any warning statement about surgical or invasive procedures.


In accordance with the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, we do not solicit or use testimonials that refer to the medical and nursing services that we provide. Users of Facebook and Google are free to write reviews about any business (subject to the Facebook community standards and Google’s Review Policy). As a business page, we are not able to edit, delete or curate those reviews. By not sharing or reposting those reviews we are not “using” them even if the reviews are positive in nature and might otherwise be defined as a “testimonial”. In accordance with the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, we are required to remove any positive commentary that meets the definition of a “testimonial” that is posted to other parts of our Facebook page, Google listing or website over which we do have the ability to control. The medical advertising rules on testimonials do not apply to our retail and dermal therapy services.