Andrew Embley’s EMSCULPT Experience

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Andrew Embley’s EMSCULPT Experience

combination treatment of both Emsculpt and Vanquish

Former Eagle, Andrew Embley

We invited the former Eagle, Andrew Embley to try EMSCULPT to tone his biceps and abs. As an ex-athlete, Andrew has remained in-tune with his body and wants to maintain his body’s appearance.

Andrew did a combination treatment of both Emsculpt and Vanquish and was impressed with the outcome (see results image above!)

“A friend of mine had tried EMSCULPT and the results seemed too good to be true!”

I very deliberately didn’t change my diet or exercise over the two weeks I did the treatment and I lost 4cm from my waist. I can see why lots of elite athletes use it to give them the extra edge with fat loss and muscle toning. Why wouldn’t you!”

You can also view a short video of Andrew’s first appointment here.

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