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At the time of writing in September 2018, MIRA Clinic isn’t even two years old, but we are proud to say we have already become one of Perth’s busiest cosmetic medicine clinics. We believe our success is due to a range of factors. We only have highly experienced staff, we provide value for money by only recommending treatments that we expect to be successful and worthwhile, and we are always striving to achieve natural looking results.

Recently we looked at the postcodes of all our clients and we were amazed by how many of our clients call Geraldton home. So, when the wonderful team at Concept Aesthetics in Geraldton invited our Senior Registered Nurse Manisha Singh to come and do treatments in their beautiful clinic, of course we said “yes!”


Our Senior Registered Nurse, Manisha Singh from Mira Clinic, has worked full time as a cosmetic injecting nurse for over four years. In that time Manisha has performed over 10,000 separate cosmetic injection treatments, and in the process built up a very large and loyal following in Perth. Part of the reason Manisha has decided to visit Geraldton is that she already has a large number of Geraldton based clients who have been travelling down to Perth to see her for treatments.

Manisha is extremely passionate about cosmetic injectables and skin care, regularly attending national and international conferences to enhance her skills and to stay up to date with the latest procedures, products and techniques. Manisha believes, that consultation and client education are vital for great outcomes. Manisha is well known for providing value for money by only recommending the treatments likely to get the best results according to each clients’ unique needs.


Manisha will be visiting Concept Aesthetics in Geraldton on Friday 1st March 2019 to provide the following cosmetic injectable treatments to existing MIRA clients, and some spots are still available for new clients. Manisha visits Geraldton every 6 weeks.

Under eye fillers

Cheek fillers

Lip fillers

Temple fillers

Chin fillers

Accordion line fillers

Fine line fillers

Wrinkle relaxers


Non-refundable booking fee

A non-refundable booking fee applies. We need this in order to confirm our trip and to make travel arrangements. Your deposit will be deducted from the cost of your treatment.
New client - $75
Exiting client- $50*
If you need to reschedule, and you let us know with more than 1 week notice, we can hold on to your deposit and use it for your next booking.
(* an existing client is any client who has already seen Manisha or Dr Andrew Clark or been to MIRA Clinic before)

Cost of treatment

Wrinkle Relaxer

Wrinkle relaxer injections - Brand 1
1 area $250 (up to 50 units - works out to $5 per unit)
2 area $425 (up to 100 units - works out to $4.25 per unit)
3 area $575 (up to 150 units - works out to $3.83 per unit)

Wrinkle relaxer injections Brand 2
1 area $275 (up to 20 units - works out to $13.75 per unit)
2 areas $475 (up to 40 units - works out to $11.60 per unit)
3 areas $625 (up to 60 units - works out to $10.40 per unit)

Dermal Fillers

$675 per 1 ml of filler
$1275 for 2 mL of filler
For more than 2mL in one visit please contact us for best possible price

Your deposit is deducted from the cost of treatment. For example, if you decide to get 1 area of Brand 1, you will pay $75 to secure your deposit, and then the balance of $175 will be payable on the day you receive treatment).

The booking deposit must be paid once per appointment per client. If you decide to get both wrinkle relaxing injections and dermal fillers during the same appointment, then only one booking fee is required. Two friends coming together and intending to both have treatment, will each need to pay the booking deposit.

Please note the pricing on this page is only for treatment by MIRA Clinic staff when visiting Geraldton. Pricing for treatments done at other locations may differ, please confirm pricing with your practitioner before proceeding with any treatments. Any advertisements or publications showing MIRA Clinic pricing are not applicable for our visits to Geraldton unless the advertisement or publication specifies that the pricing relates to Geraldton. Pricing for our West Perth clinic can be found here.


Please contact Concept Aesthetic Geraldton to secure your appointment on
99231552 or Mira clinic on 08- 94463888 or send us an email

Concept Aesthetics Geraldton

Address: 11/429 Chapman Rd,
Bluff Point WA 6530

Phone: (08) 9923 1552


If you are unable to make your appointment with Manisha in Geraldton, we require notice of at least 7 days, in which case we can hold your booking fee and use it to make a booking for you for the text time that Manisha visits Geraldton. If you are unable to make your appointment and Concept Aesthetics is not informed with at least seven days notice, please try and find a friend or family member to take your appointment. If you are not able to make it, and Concept Aesthetics is not informed until less than 7 days from the appointment date, and someone does not attend your appointment in your place then unfortunately we are not able to refund your booking fee and a new booking fee will be payable for any future appointments.

Please note that when we travel to inject, any “top up policy” will not apply and units are sold with no warranty.

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