Pico Genesis Skincare – Speeding Up Post-Treatment Recovery with Chosen Products

pico genesis skincare - speeding up post-treatment recovery

Pico Genesis Skincare – Speeding Up Post-Treatment Recovery with Chosen Products

At MIRA Clinic we believe that healthy skin begins at home.

To maximise the benefits of our cutting-edge Pico Genesis treatments, we recommend patients also invest in complementary products proven to support the minimisation of pigmentation while speeding up post-treatment recovery.

These skin perfecting potions work in harmony with Pico Genesis to help achieve beautiful, youthful looking skin.


Designed to keep skin looking and feeling plump and hydrated by minimising water loss, StrataCel is best applied immediately after a Pico Genesis treatment.

Creating a barrier across the skin to enhance the body’s natural healing properties, StrataCel provides an optimal environment for your skin to heal.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, StrataCel is most effective when applied once or twice daily following each Pico Genesis treatment.

Simply Brilliant by Cosmedic

Suitable for use before and after Pico Genesis, Simply Brilliant is one of our favourite products for improving texture, minimising pigmentation and boosting brightness.

Formulated to tackle dull, discoloured and uneven skin, Simply Brilliant contains 10 hard-working, skin specific ingredients including L-Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid to gently exfoliate, Whitonyl and Waltheria to visibly brighten and potent antioxidants to defend against age-accelerating free radicals.

When used twice daily, benefits of this must-have pigment inhibitor include smoother and firmer skin and reduced appearance of dark spots.

Teoxane RHA VCIP Serum

Vitamin C isn’t just good for building immunity during cold and flu season! Containing an advanced and improved form of Vitamin C that’s renowned for stimulating collagen production and promoting antioxidant activity, Teoxane’s RHA VCIP Serum offers noticeably firmer and brighter skin within 28 days.

A unique serum that delivers lasting hydration and protection, the RHA VCIP Serum is similar to StrataCel in that it provides an optimum environment for the skin to heal after a Pico Genesis treatment.

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