Picture Perfect Skin with Pico Genesis

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Picture Perfect Skin with Pico Genesis

Arguably one of the best dressed guests at the wedding of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry, Princess Diana’s niece Kitty Spencer almost upstaged the bride in a divine Dolce & Gabbana gown paired with the ultimate accessory – a flawless complexion.

Devoid of the contouring, strobing and thick layers of makeup that many women have come to rely on to feel their best, Kitty exuded happiness with blemish and pigment-free skin that highlighted her natural beauty.

If pigmentation, whether caused by excessive sun exposure, acne scarring or hormonal discolouration, has left you feeling self conscious, Pico Genesis might be just the thing to restore your confidence.

PicoGenesis Treatment

Leading the battle against uneven skin tone, this cutting-edge skin rejuvenation method offers noticeable results in as few as two treatments.

Women and men seeking to replicate Kitty’s seemingly perfect royal wedding look, without having to resort to layers of concealer, foundation and powder, will love the brighter and more uniform complexion that Pico Genesis delivers.

The perfect procedure to even out skin tone to create a glowing appearance for everyday radiance, or as preparation for a special event, this non-invasive treatment is 20 minutes from start to finish – that’s only a few minutes longer than Bishop Michael Curry’s now legendary royal wedding sermon!

As these before and after pictures from just one treatment session demonstrate, the results of Pico Genesis are remarkable and fit for a princess (or a princess’ niece).


“Notice how much clearer her skin has become. The sun damage on her face have dramatically cleared, and her natural radiance is starting to show again.” – DR. OMAR IBRAHIMI


“The precision of this procedure is returning her natural glow while avoiding other underlying pigment to appear.” – DR. HEIKE HEISE

For more information on Pico Genesis, visit our website (hyperlink: https://miraclinic.com.au/pico-genesis/). Call us on (08) 6436 3888 to book.

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