Protect Your Skin This Summer

summer skin protection tips by MIRA Clinic

Protect Your Skin This Summer

With another sunny Perth summer starting, the lure of beaches, boating, and outdoor activities also begins. However, it’s easy to forget the harsh effects the sun can have on the skin whilst you’re out having fun.

With a little planning, preventive measures, and sun recovery help, you’ll be well on your way to protecting your skin this summer. Here are our top 6 protection tips.


Effects of the sun on your skin

Research by many sources including the Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology medical journal,skin cancer researchers, and sun protection product developers show that at least 80% of skin aging is due to UV exposure The sun can cause:

Skin cancers
Discoloration, dark spots, and pigmentation
Loss of elasticity
Loss of hydration
Premature aging
Loss of skin volume
Dullness of the skin

6 Steps to summer skin protection success

1. Cover up

As the common phrase goes, don’t forget to “slip, slop, slap”. If you’re going to be outside, cover up exposed skin. A wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses never go out of fashion, and will defend delicate facial skin from the harsh sun rays. Also seek out shade when you can rather than submitting skin to direct sunlight.

2. Use sunscreen

It goes without saying that sunscreen is a must on any day, even the few cloudy days Perth has. Make sure you have a quality cream on hand that will double to help your skin whilst it protects.

To increase summer skin protection, we recommend to try Actinica Liposomal Sunscreen Lotion, which protects your skin from the sun with a 50+ UVA & UVB barrier. We love it because it also remains light-weight and provides hydration without fragrances or common skin irritants. It’s perfect for layering under summer make-up or use on its own for a fresh look.

3. Don’t forget your routine

With an influx of events during summer, don’t forget to wash off your makeup at the end of the day and moisturise. After any exposure to the sun you should be quickly aiding its recovery with powerful products. Ensure to apply a good moisturiser and serum once you’re back inside.

4. Rejuvenate your skin

Sun exposure causes aging and damage to the skin, however can be unavoidable. In order to rejuvenate the skin and slow the aging process you can opt for a variety of treatments.

Our Beauty Booster treatment for example can be used to give skin that much-coveted glow back. By carefully micro-injecting Hyaluronic Acid (HA) infused with anti-oxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, you will be receiving nutrients for healthier skin directly to the surface of the skin which will help fight lines and wrinkles that may be forming.

HA is a molecule and nutrient which appears naturally in the body and works to improve elasticity, texture and hydration of the skin.

5. Stay hydrated for efficient summer skin protection

You’ve likely heard before that hydration is important for skin health. As the heat rises we lose more moisture through our skin, therefore it’s important to keep ourselves hydrated to replace the fluids. Hydrated skin looks plump and dewy so drink plenty of water, especially if you’re heading out on a hot day.

6. Adjust your diet

Some foods have been known to assist with protecting the skin from harsh rays and also fight the signs of skin damage that can occur due to sun exposure. Research has shown that foods containing high doses of antioxidants can be consumed to fight damage. These include citrus fruits, berries, turmeric, tomatoes, and green tea.

Also foods high in vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids can protect the skin from inflammation, keep it soft, and encourage repair. Try flaxseeds, flaxseed oil and almonds for vitamin E.

The Actinica Lotion for protection and Beauty Booster Treatment for recovery are available through our West Perth MIRA Clinic. Contact or visit us today for access to these products or for further information on how we can get your skin in its best shape for summer.

Any questions about summer skin protection? Feel free to add comments or fill our contact form!


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