Time For A Tweakment

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Time For A Tweakment

Our very own Dr Andrew Clark sat down with The West Australian in last weekend’s Weekend West to talk ‘tweakments.’ What are tweakments you ask? Tipped to be the biggest beauty trend of 2019, tweakments are subtle treatments that are hard to detect and require minimal downtime.

According to Dr Clark, swollen pouts and frozen foreheads are on their way out thanks to a rise in demand for more natural-looking cosmetic work, and better technology is making it possible.

“I’m pretty confident that with anybody, when you look at their date of birth on Wikipedia and you’re astounded, very little of that is genetics.”

“Most of it is going to be tweakments and obviously credit to them, they’re going to the right people and they’re getting subtle things done and they’re looking fantastic. And just because they don’t have those obvious telltale signs of too much filler or too much wrinkle relaxer doesn’t mean they’re not having a little bit of it.” Dr Clark says.

You can read the full story here.

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