Get Bikini Body Ready in Time for Summer (Introducing Vanquish Fat Reduction Treatment)!

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Get Bikini Body Ready in Time for Summer (Introducing Vanquish Fat Reduction Treatment)!

The warmer months are upon us and that means that those bikini’s intentionally stashed at the back of your drawer need to be dusted off and presented to the rest of the world (cue ominous music). In preparation, the majority of us mere mortals purchase new running shoes, invest in the odd pilates class-pass and start, very reluctantly, to swap out our pizza slices for lettuce leafs. Whilst these measures can definitely help us achieve the body of our dreams, sometimes we need a little extra help.

So without further ado, introducing Vanquish Fat Reduction treatment.

No, we’re not talking about painful, expensive liposuction here. Whilst there are a ton of invasive and non-invasive treatments out there that claim to help you achieve flat abs, what if we told you this was a particular advancement in non-invasive cosmetic technology that makes it possible to melt that winter weight off your abdomen without having a machine even touch your body.

Because seriously – barring being taken out on a date with a Hemsworth brother – isn’t a technique that allows you to lose centimetres from your waist without dieting, exercise or surgery one of the most universally held female fantasies? Actually, forget a Hemsworth: Men may come and go, but the desire for a washboard stomach is eternal.

So how does it work? Vanquish is a treatment that uses radiofrequency waves to target stubborn fat cells, heating them up to a safe level, enough to cause cell death without damaging surrounding skin or muscle.

The large surface area and contactless technology of the machine mean that the sessions are quick and comfortable, with no downtime needed. It is also pain-free! Generally, people who have the Vanquish treatment only feel a warm, however not uncomfortable, sensation over the stomach region.

MIRA Clinic’s Dr. Andrew Clark was one of the first in Australia to obtain a Vanquish fat reduction machine.

Our MIRA Clinic therapists have experience performing hundreds of Vanquish treatments successfully with a 90% satisfaction and success rate on reducing fat cells noticeably.

At MIRA Clinic our individual fat reduction treatment plans are designed to achieve the best results possible for you. Additionally, we ensure you receive information on procedures and aftercare so you can make the most of your treatment. Book in for a consultation today.


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