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This treatment is available at: MIRA Clinic West Perth or MIRA Clinic Joondalup

Vanquish fat reduction treatments in Perth

Sometimes fat cells can stick to certain places on the body more stubbornly than others, such as the abdominal region. However, with the use of the Vanquish fat reduction machine, it’s possible to shift these stubborn fat cells.

The Vanquish machine selectively targets fat cells, without affecting surrounding tissue, to destroy them and therefore allow them to exit the body naturally.

Vanquish fat reduction technology

The Vanquish machine works by sending a focussed radio wave into the body tissue where unwanted fat exists. The technology heats up the fat cells to a safe level, without affecting the surrounding skin or muscle. However, this heat is enough for the fat cells to be damaged resulting in them breaking down and being removed by the body’s own immune and inflammatory cells.

The large surface area and contactless technology of the machine means that the sessions are quick and comfortable, with no down time needed. The Vanquish treatment will feel warm, however not uncomfortable, over the stomach region.

The Vanquish fat reduction machine has been featured on many TV programs including Dr Oz, The Doctors, and The View. Here’s a clip from The View to show you how the machine works and what you can expect:

Results of the vanquish fat reduction treatment

The Vanquish fat reduction treatment is particularly effective on stubborn fatty deposits, such as that of the “post-baby belly” or areas that exercise alone has been unable to shift. It’s also important to remember however that the treatment only targets fat cells occurring in the body, and does not affect stretch marks.

Another benefit of the Vanquish treatment is that it works to tighten and prevent sagging of the skin following treatment. Many fat reduction treatments result in loose skin after the fat has moved on, however the Vanquish machine works particularly to reduce this.

Following your treatment, you will receive post-care instructions in order to maximise results. It’s vital that you follow these instructions carefully in order to ensure maximum value from your treatment. This will involve ensuring you are well hydrated to allow for the fat cells to be better targeted.


Choose Perth’s MIRA Clinic

MIRA Clinic’s Dr Andrew Clark was one of the first in Australia to obtain a Vanquish fat reduction machine. Our MIRA Clinic therapists have experience performing hundreds of Vanquish treatments successfully with a 90% satisfaction and success rate on reducing fat cells noticeably.

It’s important to remember that, like with any external fat reduction therapy, the Vanquish treatment is best used in conjunction with an internal fat-loss plan involving a balanced diet and exercise. Realistically, if you take in extra calories following treatment, your fat stores will once again build up.

Due to the fact that we have such a high volume of clients demanding the Vanquish treatment, our prices at MIRA Clinic in Perth are also significantly less than the market average.

Our individual fat reduction treatment plans are designed to achieve the best results possible for you. At MIRA Clinic you’ll receive information on procedures and aftercare so you can make the most of your treatment.

It is our goal to ensure that our clients are 100% comfortable and have a sound understanding of our treatments before proceeding. We will answer any questions you may have and talk you through the process.

Our skilled team has performed over 25,000+ treatments, operating above the safest and highest of industry standards.

For authentic advice and genuine results, contact Perth’s MIRA Clinic today.

Vanquish fat reduction treatment FAQ’s 

How do I need to prepare for the Vanquish treatment?

You should prepare for the vanquish treatment by ensuring you are well hydrated before arriving at the clinic, we will advise you how much water you should be drinking pre and post treatment to allow for removal of fat cells from the body.

It’s also advisable to wear loose comfortable clothing.

Will I experience any pain during the Vanquish treatment?

The Vanquish fat reduction treatment machine will heat up your fat cells to a comfortable level. You will not experience any pain, although you will feel warmth. If any spots begin to feel hot, it is important to let your therapist know so that the machine can be adjusted

Is there any downtime needed following a Vanquish treatment?

Due to the non-invasive nature of the treatment, there is no downtime needed and you can go straight back to your normal day to day routine. You may experience some redness or slight swelling due to the heat effect however; this usually passes within 1-2 hours. Some clients report tenderness within the targeted area; however this is also normal and generally also passes within 1-2 days.

Will the Vanquish treatment definitely reduce my fat cells?

Results following the Vanquish fat reduction treatment have been shown to be long term but this varies. It’s very important to remember to follow all post-care and water consumption instructions to ensure a successful treatment.

The Vanquish treatment is best used as part of a steady diet and exercise regime. If extra calories are consumed, it’s inevitable that fat stores will return once again.

Who is the Vanquish fat reduction treatment suitable for?

We treat clients with the Vanquish machine for a number of reasons and everyone has their own unique goals. Many simply want stubborn fat cells removed that exercise and diet alone has been unable to shift, others are brides preparing for a wedding date, as well as mums looking to reduce a stubborn “baby belly”.

Who should not have the Vanquish fat reduction treatment performed?

If you have metal implants anywhere within the vicinity of the treatment area then the Vanquish machine cannot be used on you due to the heat element. We cannot treat any person with an implanted electronic device such as a pacemaker, defibrillator, medical pump or other implant. You must be considered reasonably healthy and have no serious medical issues (such as heart failure) in order to undergo the Vanquish treatment.

What is the recommended course of treatment for Vanquish?

Everybody is unique, however on average we recommend 4 treatments at one week apart in order to duplicate the conditions of the independent scientific clinical studies that achieved the desired results in 90% of cases.

How long does the treatment take?

The Vanquish treatment is relatively fast, you should allow 45 minutes to one hour at our Perth clinic.

You will have an initial consult with our Vanquish therapist, who will ensure you are a good candidate. Following this, you will be taken through to a comfortable treatment room where the machine will be placed over your abdominal region.

How fast before I see results?

Vanquish clients can see improvement after just one treatment, however the best results are seen after four weeks from the last treatment in the course. 90% of clients can expect to see a loss of approximately 1-4 inches around their waist.

Where can I find more information or reviews on the Vanquish treatment?

You can find plenty of reviews about the Vanquish treatment here.

This scientific study also supports the efficiency and safety of the Vanquish treatment and that it can significantly reduce the circumference of the abdominal region for users.

You can visit the official page of the Vanquish manufacturer here.

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