Tips for Tired Eyes

Tips for Tired Eyes

Blame it on late night soapies or a fondness for Merlot, but more often than not many of us are carrying a little extra ‘character’ around our eyes than we’d like, and we need a quick solution.

The reality is that with age, the upper and lower eyelids can become heavy and wrinkled, contributing to a tired, aged or even irritated expression. With fewer oil glands and your body’s production of elastin and collagen reducing with age, not only is the skin around the eyes thinner, it is also naturally less hydrated, leaving the eye region prone to premature ageing.

So how can we tackle this problematic issue of crow’s feet and expression lines?

Sure, there’s always the age-old remedies of sliced cucumbers and cold spoons, or you could always cut back on the Netflix binges, but you only live once right?

Instead, here’s a handful of tips to make it appear like you’ve had eight hours sleep (even if you’ve only had four!)

1.Use a super hydrating eye cream:

It’s that extra step that we know we should do, but rarely actually incorporate into our busy routine. The best ones contain an ingredient called retinol and we recommend a 360-degree application of the eye cream – under the eye, the brow bone and on the eyelid. It’s important to treat the entire area, not just one part.

2.Dust off those sunglasses or invest in a replacement pair:

Exposure to UV rays is one of the biggest causes of premature ageing. So play it safe and stay out of the sun when possible, use a high factor sunscreen (SPF 30 is best) and keep those eyes covered with a pair of polarised sunglasses. If anything, it’s the perfect excuse to purchase those new fashionable shades you’ve had your sights set on!

3.Anti-wrinkle injections:

At Mira Clinic our individual anti-wrinkle treatment plans are designed to achieve the best results possible. To prevent crows feet, a muscle relaxant is injected into facial tissue where it relaxes the muscle and stops any movement. The muscle relaxant used in anti-wrinkle injections can help erase or minimise prominent lines.

If you’re worried about looking unnatural, there’s no need, as Dr Andrew and his highly qualified team follow a “less is more” approach, always considering your individual needs and tailoring specific treatment plans to suit you. You’ll receive information on treatments, dosage, and aftercare so you can make the most of your treatment.

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